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Accelerator Series

January CEO Accelerator Coaching & Events

Our speakers will provide easy-to-follow advice to

“build a profitable business that works without the owners to ultimately SELL IT.”



     Friday, 1/18 in Columbia - Profit Building & Tax Strategies 
          Build Value to Earn More. Ultimately Sell! (3 Hours)
     Tuesdays, 1/29, 2/5 & Friday, 2/15 in Columbia - TechVenture Accelerator 
          Create Value to Raise Capital. Potential IPO! (2 1/2 Days)


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Profit Building & Tax Strategies 

Build Value to Earn More. Ultimately Sell!

Date: Friday, January 18th (9:00 AM till 12:00 PM) at Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship (MCE), Columbia

Learn how to increase cash flow by accelerating profits and decreasing tax obligations

No Cost to Maryland Connected Firms (Normal Cost: $75)

Thanks to Sponsor: US Small Business Administration

The content and speakers will guides business owners of firms with 50-500 employees to:

  • Maximize profits, outperform your competitors, and build a business machine into real value
  • Understand your numbers, select KPIs to be successful, see red flags early , and adapt in real-time
  • Limit the negative impact of federal, state and local taxes
  • Benefit from the multiple incentives and credits that are available to your specific business or industry
  • BONUS: Industry Profile Report, Peer Benchmarks & Access More Capital (Bank, Private Equity, Opportunity Zone Funds)

Experts: Foresight CFO, KatzAbosch & Russell Teter (See Below Bios)

Reserve Your Seat at No Cost

TechVenture Accelerator 

Create Value to Raise Capital. Potential IPO!
Dates: DAY 1 & 2 FULL DAYS: Tuesdays, January 29th & February 5th, from 8:30 AM till 5:30 PM (Includes Lunch), DAY 3 MORNING: Friday, February 15th, from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM at Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship (MCE), Columbia
Learn & apply proven resources designed for technology/science-based business owners to grow intellectual property into a profitable business
No Cost to Maryland Connected Technology Firms (Normal Cost: $950)
Thanks to Sponsors: Capital One Bank, Howard County Economic Development Authority & TEDCO


The content, certified coach/facilitator, on-line resources and speakers will guides business owners of technology firms with intellectual property (i.e. bioscience, IT, aerospace, clean tech and advanced manufacturing) to:

  • Discover how your business concept matches your personal vision
  • Align your business concept with a real market opportunity
  • Find your target market and discover your competitive advantage
  • Determine the unique features and benefits of your product/service
  • Learn how to set realistic financial goals for your business
  • Define your company’s brand, marketing and sales strategy
  • Learn how to manage business functions and develop an organizational culture
  • Determine the steps to profitability
  • Identify potential sources of funding for your business
  • How to build a team and retain, manage and compensate
  • Benchmarking and tracking progress
  • Protecting intellectual property
  • Commercialization strategies
  • Strategic alliances
  • And more!!! 

Experts: FastTrac® by Kauffman Foundation, TechVenture Team & Russell Teter (See Bios Below)

Reserve Your Seat at No Cost

Expert Bios:

Foresight CFO is a member of the Habits of Profitability team. They have established teams of CFOs who average 25 years of experience across the technology, telecommunications, health services, education, food distribution, military, manufacturing, mechanical and wholesale industries.

KatzAbosch, founded in 1969, is one of the largest firms in the State of Maryland. A tax expert will provide strategic solution in this complicated tax environment. Speaker to provide information so you have every opportunity to reduce tax costs, accelerate deductions, improve cash flow and generate refunds

Kauffman FastTrac® by Kauffman Foundation have helped facilitate the decision-making, skills development, and network building process for hundreds of thousands of people engaged in entrepreneurship across our nation and around the world. TechVenture™ resources are designed for entrepreneurs in the fields of technology or life sciences that focuses on marketing technology, developing technology that enables creation or enhancement of a non-technology business and developing health-tech and life sciences products and/or services.

Russell Teter has personally coached over 14,000 entrepreneurs during a 27-year career across nearly every major industry sector, with a focus on technology based government contractors. He is a certified Kauffman Techventure facilitator, Certified ValueBuilder Coach and has a M.B.A. in Technology Management. Russell is also certified by FranklinCovey-- the world's premier leader in the areas of strategy execution, decision making, customer loyalty, leadership, and individual effectiveness. Russell has acquired hundreds of millions of dollars in equity/debt financing for his clients.

TechVenture Team of specialists are to assist developing your elevator pitch, business & strategic plan, and investor presentation in order to effectively communicate your market opportunities, business concept financial plan, and investment potential. The team of entrepreneurs and professional service providers have extensive experience in starting, funding, growing, and managing technology and life science businesses with intellectual property.


CEO Coaching to Earn More. Work Less!

Inspiration man on top of mountain

For more information, see description below or Contact Russell Teter (Certified Coach) at or 240-463-8686

Program Description

The program's objectives are to own a fast growing company that:

  • Increases profits 61% in 12 months
  • Works without the owner
  • Builds equity of $10 Million+ in 5 Years to ultimately SELL IT
SEO Program Chart

You'll learn how to own a fast growing company by:

  • Finding the "time and space" to focus on the most pressing priorities
  • Working "on" rather than "in" the business, creating dramatic enhancements that will lead to the lifestyle intended
  • Becoming a catalyst for continuous improvement
  • Increasing money-making mind-set and financial knowledge
  • Building a clear and compelling team that is focused on customer needs, strategically aligned to personal goals and financially viable
  • Instilling a cadence of accountability to execute on and achieve the most critical results
  • Developing essential systems that drive enduring, measurable results, attract and retain talent, improve work processes, and develop intense customer loyalty
  • Inspiring employees to work towards the critical priorities and creating an environment where employees want to contribute their best efforts
  • Creating a strategic collaborative environment among peer business owners to turn challenges into opportunities (collective CEO Think Tank is known as a "Mastermind Group")

Proven Growth Solutions:

Facilitator: Russell C. Teter III, M.B.A / Technology Management is certified by FranklinCovey - the world's premier leader in the areas of strategy execution, customer loyalty, leadership, and individual effectiveness. He has coached over 13,000 business owners over a 20-year career.

University of Maryland's SBDC CEO Think Tank brings in thewisdom from:

  • Timeless leaders, including, Lincoln, Gandhi, Rockefeller, Martin Luther King
  • Contemporary gurus, including, Napoleon Hill, Peter Drucker, Zig Ziglar, W. Edwards Deming
  • Maryland experts on contracting, financial management, marketing, wealth creation


Our business had become stagnant. The tools gave me an easy turn-key system to launch into a new market. We are successfully executing the plan and I now can hold my sales team accountable. It is amazing the impact a few hours with the SBDC can do to accelerate my sales efforts. 

Jess Neisess, C.R International

The SBDC's Strategic Growth System not only expedited my business growth, but it also helped solidify creating the life I want. Without the guidance and encouragement provided by others who have already walked this journey, how could you sustain your journey? Join me on INC. Magazine's 5,000 Fastest Growing Companies in America.

Karen Barbour, Owner Barbour Group

I have seen a significant improvement in new account acquisitions as well as repeat business, all because of the SBDC's "Drive 5 to Earn More" approach to accelerate profits. Sales are up by nearly 100% within the last 12 months. I sure hope my competition does not learn about this simple tactic.

Harry White, Owner BW Communications 


POWERFUL AND INSPIRING! The principals presented by the SBDC have been key to improving our restaurant's bottom line.

Kamal & Nizam Ali, Owners Ben's Chili Bowl / Ben's Next Door




I have participated in several peer groups in the past, and this has far surpassed those in both the participants as well as the facilitator

Chris Corcoran, Owner Corcoran Builders

For More Information, Contact Russell Teter (Certified Coach) at or 240-463-8686

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