Maryland Small Business Development Center

Success Stories

The Maryland SBDC has helped many Maryland small businesses achieve their dream of starting or expanding their business.

BluZone, LLC

Heather Lamb, the visionary entrepreneur behind BluZone LLC, has achieved a remarkable success story by overcoming significant hurdles in launching their business with the invaluable assistance of Dr. Candace Pruett from the Maryland Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and a VOLT loan through Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporation (AAEDC).

All Time Toys

Following the second Main Street flood, owner Jason Barnes was facing business and life decisions after having lost his entire store for the second time within two years. SBDC business consultants were able to assist him with locating a new store location, lease negotiation, merchandising schemes, and more.

Fontana Designs

Fontana Designs is a full service interior design studio and workroom, established in 1991, that specializes in window treatments and upholstery for the DMV area. The business was the recipient of 7 awards including Workroom of the Year in 2022's VISION Design & Workroom Competition.

Big Mouth Creative Studio

Date: 05/03/21 Type of Business: Graphic Design Client Name: Lauren Hamilton, Big Mouth Creative Studio

Jordan Research & Development, LLC

Jordan Research and Development, LLC is an innovation-based company with a primary goal of creating solutions to the world’s biggest problems. These solutions are created in the form of new products, ideas and innovations. The Airzooka is the company’s most successful product to date. The Airzooka is currently being marketed world-wide and has sold millions of units. The company has also created a prosthetic finger called the Digitouch. This was created out of necessity, as the company president lost several digits on his left hand due to an accident.

Jessica L. Koch Consulting

Jessica’s first session was filled with lots of hesitation and a few tears on starting the endeavor she knew she was meant to launch. The strategic planning session gave her the clarity she needed and a process to start and grow her business. From the beginning, Jessica’s business grew rapidly with a focus on LinkedIn training with sales and marketing services.

Emily Cunningham State Farm Insurance

Emily has been working with Wynne Briscoe of the Small Business Development Center since April 2017 from the beginning stages of business planning to the grand opening of her own agency. We are focusing on the strategic marketing, growth and expansion of the business. As a long time employee in the insurance field, Emily had always thought about owning her own agency one day. The opportunity came when a local agent relocated leaving the area in need of additional agency locations. Upon first discussions with SBDC Consultant Wynne Briscoe, Emily shared her desires to take the leap from employee to business ownership

Enso Kitchen

Rubing connected with the SBDC from an event Wynne Briscoe created called “Small Business Love Day” in February 2017. A collaborative open house style event between the St. Mary’s County Department of Economic Development and her SBDC office to connect with the local community. There he met the other SBDC regional staff to include Bill Hitte from Charles County and Kathy MacAdams from Calvert County.

Chesapeake Staging & Interiors

Kera has been working with Small Business Development Center since February 2016 from the beginning stages of her business to the grand opening events. We are now focusing on the strategic marketing, growth and expansion of the business.
Kera Cherrey has grown from working as an employee of an interior design store to owning her own interior design and staging business with three employees in less than 5 years. During this time, she has obtained her Maryland Home Improvement Contractors License which allows her to offer renovations and home remodeling services to her clients. Last year during the Annual Business Showcase, Kera was honored by the St. Mary’s County Chamber of Commerce as the Winner of the 2018 Emerging Business Award. Chesapeake Staging and Interiors was awarded the Real Estate Staging Association Top Ten Rising Star Home Stagers of the year 2017.

Picklehead, LLC

Cut Your Food, Not Your Fingers!

Beach 2 Bay Bicycle

Looking for fun and exciting bike tours on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland? Look no further, Beach 2 Bay Bicycle has you covered!

Grip Boost

Do you play sports? Are you tired of your gloves losing their grip? Well, Grip Boost understands and has a solution

Basecamp Coffee

Basecamp owner Hayden needed help securing an investor, so we helped him create some financial projections that he would need to show an investor some viability.

Clatter Coffee

Jon Felton saw an opportunity to expand his coffee shop and his offerings to his clientele. He came to the SBDC for help to secure the funding for this opportunity

Earth & Tree

Glenne Blocher owns a tree removal and lawn care service that has relied on the advice of the SBDC for over nine years. Seeking to determine the feasibility of continuing her business, she met with one of our consultants to analyze financials to figure out her options. "He has worked diligently with agencies to ensure my company survives and thrives.” Ms. Blocher states “Mark has been a key person” in her support network. “He is willing to think outside the box and see into the future for success. Mark Malec has been one of my key advisors.”

Brickyard Grill

Christopher Grossnickle was an experienced restaurant worker who decided it was time to open his own business. He worked closely with the SBDC in order to get the financial help he needed to start this business and make his dream come true.

Rocky Point Creamery

Chuck Fry decided to start an ice cream store using the milk from his own cattle. His store features a community atmosphere with fresh ingredients from his farm. The Rocky Point Creamery officially opened for business on November 12, 2011, creating ten local jobs.

LNH Enterprises

Henry and Nancy Maier have a business based around wind power and green energy, but needed a little help to take their business to the next level

Family Care Home Medical Equipment

Larry Wegner started a medical equipment business to provide respiratory and other medical equipment to the general public. This venture has created some jobs for the Hagerstown community and an important service to the surrounding area.

Ocean Elements Salt Spa & Float Center of Delmarva, LLC

Rejuvenation, stress/pain relief and relaxation await at Ocean Elements Salt Spa & Float Center of Delmarva.

Shepherds Old Field Market

Gerrie LHeureux has been working with Wynne Briscoe of the Small Business Development Center since April 2017 from the beginning stages of business planning to the grand opening events. We are focusing on the strategic marketing, growth and expansion of the business.

Charles Street Bakery and Cafe

It was 2002 when Deborah Taylor attended SBDC's Start Right for Success class. One week later she met with Business Consultant, Bill Hitte. Deborah came to the meeting with industry experience, a business plan including researched startup costs, a tentative location and family support. In their first meeting Bill Hitte learned more about Deborah's experience, plan, research, and intended location. Bill provided additional insights and considerations and gave Deborah some homework - the business plan was still in her head and they needed it in writing to . . .

Therapeutic Massage and Wellness

"As I entered into the program . . . I thought of Mr. Hitte's advice - and how right he was! got the experience I needed to run a spa from the ground up and acquired my aesthetician's license for the State of Maryland in May 2016. In Sept 2016, I opened my business. In July 2017 I had the chance to re-connect with [Bill] . . . a consulting session in mid-August. After those discussions, I emailed [Bill] "I cannot believe I didn't reach out to you sooner."

Fran's Nu Image Mastectomy Salon

When it came time to find a special person to be the new owner in 2008, then owners confided in their SBDC Business Consultant, Bill Hitte. They had been relying on SBDC for advice and education to grow Fran's Nu Image since 2001. It was a natural progression and a great fit for another SBDC Client . . .


Although this is a relatively new business, BEKÔZ has wasted no time in fulfilling their mission of being a business that is willing to tackle any challenge; no job is too small or too big as long as it has a cause and mission to reach others. From the beginning, Glynis and Sheebah recognized that in order to succeed and grow they needed help along the way.

Bone Sigh Arts

Terri St. Cloud found that she had a passion for short writings which would help women with "emotional healing" concerning challenges in their lives. She called them "Bone Sighs", so she started Bone Sigh Arts in April 2002. She also found that she had a streak of "artistic creativity" which adapted well to complement.

Windmill Creek Vineyard and Winery, Inc.

Check out the newest addition to the Maryland wine scene!

No Thyme To Cook

No Thyme to Cook began as a personal chef service in 1999. Owned and operated by Gwyn Novak, it provides in-home personalized gourmet meals to clients, and has evolved to include a robust series of seasonal cooking classes and additional streams of income. Beautifully situated on the Patuxent River in the heart of Solomons Island.

My Backyard, LLC

Maureen Kennedy had a dream to open a store based on her passion for the outdoors and nature. She turned her dream into a reality when she launched My Backyard, LLC where she brings her knowledge and love for outdoor life to beautiful Ocean Pines, MD.

SBDC SoMD Technology Consultant

Wynne Briscoe, Business Consultant So MD SBDC, discusses the various avenues for drone companies to monetize as a business, work in their niches, and create income streams.

RYG Light

Lowell Cade’s invention of the RYG Light, a portable, handheld device is used to control pedestrian and auto traffic. His patented device won first place in the 2018 Southern Maryland Innovation and Tech (SMIT) Initiative finals of the 4th annual Crab Pot Pitch Contest.

Prompt Occupational Health Care

Here is what Mrs. Belinda had to say about her experience with the SBDC. “Mr. Del Gallo along with Al Henry were instrumental in helping me with my business plan and connecting me to a bank. They were eager to help a small business, like mine. The support and guidance I received forming the vision for Prompt Occupational Healthcare made the loan process bearable.”

Vegun Nutrition

Derrell Lee and John Pace are U.S. Military Veterans who graduated from Harford Community College. They are two passionate entrepreneurs with a passion for healthy living and fitness. They came up with a revolutionary idea that they knew would be a success. However, before pursuing this venture head-first, they sought advice on how to properly format their business and construct a business plan to enable them to receive the financing needed.


Early 2015 after being first denied a business loan to start a restaurant, Flavor owners Julia and Vanna came to the Baltimore city SBDC Center for assistance and guidance to secure a business loan and launch their ‘lifetime’ dream: a full upscale restaurant.

Irish Seams

Elizabeth Mason, President/Founder, affectionately known as “BJ”, with motivation and information from attending the classes at the SBDC and coaching from Melissa Dent, Business Consultant, restarted Irish Seams as an LLC in 2013. Initially, BJ had been working the business as a hobby and a sole proprietorship, since 2009.

Monitor Beyond Limits Inc.

Richard (Rich) Jones and Timothy (Tim) Williams became a client of Al Henry and Ryan Del Gallo at the Small Business Development Center in October of 2015 when they dove into the idea of opening a government contracting based logistics company. When it comes to experience, Rich and Tim do not fall short. Rich has over 14 years of experience with top contracting companies such as Northrop Grumman, DS2, URS, and Data Monitor System. Tim is an accomplished and adaptable leader with 25 plus years of service in the United States Army, focused on transitioning managerial and organizational skills to a position guiding operations and training programs.

Douglas Security Technologies

Randy Douglas, the founder of Douglas Security Technologies LLC, is an inventor from Aberdeen, MD who contacted the Northern Region of Maryland SBDC with the hopes of bringing his patented mobile technology to market. With the help of SBDC counselors and an SBDC event, Douglas is closer to his dream than he ever expected.


When Regina “Gina” Della’s brother, Rich, was struck head-on by a drunk driver in 2002, he was placed in a coma and deemed paralyzed. Although doctors recommended cutting off life-support, Gina refused to give up. Gina spent months researching and investigating recovery methods. Against all odds and with family support, Rich miraculously recovered due to a unique device called Quadriciser and intense one-on-one therapeutic exercises that Gina was able to utilize for her brother. After being an eye witness to her brother’s advances, Gina desired to bring the benefits of the Quadriciser and therapeutic rehabilitation to others who have been suffering from severe physical disabilities. The Quadriciser creates a cross-crawl pattern using all four limbs which results in stimulation of the brain and muscle function.

Galvinell Meat Company

Jennifer and Dan McGrath are the owners of Galvinell Meat Company which has been a staple in the Cecil County, MD community since it was founded in 1967. When the SBDC was called into Galvinell’s in early 2015, owners Jennifer and Dan were feeling overwhelmed with the mounds of work to be done and workplace organization. Being an old school butcher shop today is more difficult than what one may think: competition, diet fads, and rising cost of goods is something that affects their business every day.

TENAX Technologies

Tamera Rush became a client of Al Henry at the Small Business Development Center in February of 2014 as she became interested in purchasing an existing technology company in Harford County. The company was appealing to Tamera because she had a background in technology with the confidence to grow the business and make the acquisition successful. The established company had several 1099 employees and government contracts in place. With the help of Mr. Henry, she knew she could develop a business plan to grow the company.

Edel’s Bridal Boutique

Edel became a client of Al Henry at the Small Business Development Center in August of 2014 with the vision of purchasing a bridal shop. After weeks of going through the processes of investigating an established business and working closely with Mr. Henry, it was determined that the business in question was not financially stable. Thankfully, Edel was able to move on and changed her business plan to opening her own bridal boutique from the ground up.

A Little Bit Sheepish

Brenda Trice has been crocheting most of her life, and knitting for several years. A former teacher, she came to the Maryland Small Business Development & Technology Center-Eastern Region at Salisbury University (SBDTC) last August for direction in opening her own yarn shop in historic downtown Berlin, MD, a major tourist destination site just 15 minutes west of Ocean City.

Maertens Fine Jewelry & Gifts

On October 20, 2016, the Calvert County Chamber of Commerce recognized Heather Maertens, owner of Maertens Fine Jewelry & Gifts in Lusby MD, as the 2016 “Chamber Member of the Year”.

McClintock Distillery

McClintock Distillery is scheduled to open Spring 2016 with the cooperative efforts of the city of Frederick and the Frederick SBDC. The new owners want to continue the legacy of McClintock Young by restoring a 5,000 square foot downtown location to produce craft gin, vodka, and rum, followed by whiskey in the next two years.

Keffa Coffee

Keffa Coffee, LLC is importers of specialty-grade Ethiopian coffee, headquartered near the Port of Baltimore. We are proud to offer the most extraordinary and unique selection of Ethiopian coffees. With our strong commitment to sustainability, transparency, and the improvement of farmer livelihoods, our business focuses on the needs of our partners--specialty growers at origin and roasters in the United States who share our commitment and our passion for great coffee.

KOL Foods

As she has stated, Devora Kimelman-Block became a businesswoman by chance. An idea for a business dropped into her lap and she decided to quit her non-profit job in the education sector and take a chance with the new business venture. KOL Foods, Devora’s company, is selling Kosher grass fed beef, and other Kosher animal products on line. She has established suppliers in the USA and in foreign markets. She established a fulfillment location in Pennsylvania. She has grown her revenues each year in business.

Communication Apptitude

Communication Apptitude’s owners first came to the SBTDC in April 2013 for business plan training. Additional needs including some special business needs surfaced and were addressed in subsequent business counseling sessions.

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